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Motorized Rolling Shutters in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Improve Your Privacy, Security, and Comfort

Our Rolling Shutters provide a wide range of benefits for our clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether you need additional protection from the powerful Texas sun, want to protect your windows from storms and debris, or just want to make your home more convenient, rolling exterior shutters may be the perfect solution. Whether you're looking for storm shutters in Fort Worth for your home or additonal protection for your Dallas business, Blinds Brothers is here for you.

How Rolling Shutters Work

Tucson Rolling Shutters are mounted outside your home or business and are easily controlled from within. Close your shutters to block heat and light, deter intruders, and reduce sound. With our array of options, you can even put them in the “vent” position for a soft lighting effect and improved ventilation.

Rolling shutters can be mounted over windows, doors, patios or anywhere a secure insulated barrier is needed. The interlocking slats are aluminum and filled with dense ecologic foam to maintain temperature regulation and rigidity. Exterior shutters can help protect your Dallas-Fort Worth home while making your home more energy efficent.

This revolutionary foam core stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your space! This insulation combined with the “dead air” space between the shutter and the glass, creates a barrier that effectively mitigates heat, cold, sound, and light.

  • Save on Energy Bills 💰
  • Keep Your Home Cool ❄️
  • Protect Your Home From Storms 🌩️
  • Reduce Glare in Bright Rooms ☀️

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You don’t have to wait for summer or the stormy season to invest in rolling shutters for your Forth Worth or Dallas area home. Get ahead of the curve by scheduling an appointment with our rolling shutter experts today! We will come to your home and create a customized plan that addresses your needs, budget, and the unique dimensions of your home, windows, and doors. We want you to love your new rolling shutters, so let us show you how much easier your life can be with our modern and affordable rolling shutter systems!

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Advanced Design Specs

Rolling Shutters Features

Heat & Glare Protection

95% of UV rays are eliminated, protecting your eyes and your interior.

Lower Energy Bills

Better regulated room temperatures mean less money on energy bills.

Privacy and Protection

Control the visibility of your home’s interior with the push of a button.

Outward Visibility

Enjoy the outdoors while keeping yourself cool and protected from the elements.

Custom Fitting

One size does not fit all. We fit your shutters to your home’s unique dimensions.

Motorized Control

You won’t have to struggle to open or close your shutters with wall switches, radio remotes, or home automation.

Remote Operated

Open, close, or adjust your shutters, from anywhere, with your smartphone.

Storm Protection

Easily open and close your shutters to protect your windows and interior.

Color Options

We can match our shutters to your home’s aesthetic to create the perfect facade.

Remote Control Rolling Shutters

The biggest downside of other rolling shutters is having to manually open and close them. This can become tedious, especially as the sun cycles from day to night. With Blinds Brothers’ remote control rolling shutters system, you will never have to worry about it again!

Our rolling shutters are motorized and connected to your wi-fi system, allowing you to control your shutter system with most smart devices. You can choose which shutters to open and close, when, and monitor it all from the convenience of your phone. Our remote control rolling shutters aren’t just convenient, they will help to improve home security. You can open and close your shutters when you aren’t home, giving the impression someone is home or just simply be able to close them as the sun sets and obscure the interior, without having to go outside.

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Benefits of Rolling Shutters

Installing Rolling Shutters might seem like a big investment, however, the benefits will often outweigh the cost. This is especially true for an area like Dallas-Fort Worth, where the sun is intense and the stormy season can be brutal.

Here are some reasons that rolling exterior shutters are great choice for your Dallas-Fort Worth home or business:

Beat the Heat

Everyone knows that summer in Texas is no joke. With temperatures breaking 100 degrees F and the sun beating down, your home can feel like a sweat lodge. Even your air conditioning can’t always keep up with the heat, especially if your windows face east or west or your AC unit is exposed to direct sunlight. Rolling shutters will help keep the oppressive summer sun out of your home’s interior, reducing the strain on your cooling system and protecting your interior from being sun bleached.

Weather the Storm

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor shutters is that they can offer increased protection against the elements, even major storms. Sometimes referred to as “roll up shutters”, “roll down shutters”, or “rolling storm shutters”, they are designed to stop small pieces of flying debris that would otherwise damage or break your windows. The peace of mind alone, is often worth the cost of rolling shutters, as you won’t have to worry as much, the next time a big storm is about to hit Dallas or Fort Worth.

Unparalleled Convenience

Rolling shutters don’t just make your life easier by protecting your home, with our modern, electronic control system, you can manage your shutter system with ease. Whether you want remote control, a wall switch, an automated setup, we can design a system that fits your needs and makes your life easier.

What Else Makes Our Rolling Shutters Convenient?

  • No glare on your TV or screens
  • Up to 60% noise reduction
  • Manual safety override
  • Lifetime warranty on our Tucson Signature Series Motors and Electronics
  • Protection from sun bleaching

Help the Environment

The better you can regulate the temperature of your home, the less you will need to use your heating and cooling systems. The less that your system is working, the less energy it will need to function. By reducing energy consumption, you can help mitigate your environmental footprint and reduce your utility bills.


There are few better ways to keep your home comfortable than with our rolling shutters system. Our shutters feature a modern foam core that stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your home. This is especially crucial in Dallas and Forth Worth, as we all know too well how intense the sun and heat can get in the sweltering summer months.

Improved Privacy

Fences and window curtains are nice, but neither can offer the level of privacy of our rolling shutters. With the touch of a button, you can open or close all or some of your shutters, allowing you to decide how visibly accessible your home is to the outside world. Our shutters don’t just offer visual privacy, they also dampen sound, which is perfect if you want to have a party or loud movie night, but don’t want to bother your neighbors.

Security Solutions

The ability to control interior visibility, coupled with the option to lockdown your windows and doorways, make rolling shutters the perfect addition to your home home security setup. If someone can’t see into your home, they can’t “case” or evaluate the interior, making your home less of a “soft target” (a home that is easier to burgle or invade).

Our rolling shutters are installed to remove any unnecessary strings, cords, and wires. For parents with small children, they know how important it is to reduce dangerous hazards that are used for other types of window shades and shutters.

Reduce Insurance Costs

If an insurance company sees your home as low(er) risk, you can often turn that into lower insurance costs. With our rolling shutters’ variety of security and storm protection features, you can make a strong case to your insurance company and benefit from a reduced cost to your insurance bills.

Increase Home Value

Our rolling shutters are installed to your home’s unique dimensions and layout. This can include everything from size and shape to colors and material. We will work with you to find the perfect rolling shutter setup that not only protects your home, but improves its aesthetic and appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outdoor rolling shutters?

Our rolling shutters can add privacy, security, and comfort to your Fort Worth home, while also helping you save on energy bills by blocking out heat. Learn more about the benefits of rolling shutters in our blog post.

What are rolling shutters made with?

Rolling shutters have interlocking slats made of aluminum and filled with dense ecologic foam that helps regulate temperature and block 99% of heat from entering your home.

Can rolling shutters be motorized?

Yes, our rolling shutters are motorized and connected to your home's wi-fi system so you can control them with a remote control or even your cell phone -- whether you're home or not. All you have to do is press a button to open or draw your shutters all at once.

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