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Plantation Shutters in Dallas, TX

Wooden plantation shutters to improve your Dallas, TX home

Interior Plantation Shutters in Dallas, TX

Plantation shutters have the ability to enhance the beauty and style of your home in a unique way. As a timeless window treatment, plantation shutters are appropriate for both classic and modern homes. Plantation shutters from the Blinds Brothers are simple to clean and use, and provide privacy and light control all while increasing the value of your home. For plantation shutters in Dallas, TX, trust the professionals at Blinds Brothers.

  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Great For Privacy & Light Control
  • Additonal insulation
  • Transferrable Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Custom Plantation Shutters in Dallas, TX

Look No Further For USA Made Hardwood Shutters

At The Blinds Brothers, we offer plantation shutters in Dallas that are responsibly harvested from private, sustainable forests across the United States. Our Dallas plantation shutters are available in a number of wood species, like Cypress, Satin Walnut, White Poplar, and much more. Additionally, they can be stained or painted to match the decor of any room of the house.

Plantation Shutters for Any Room and Window

Our plantation shutters are perfect for any room, whether it be a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. These custom-made shutters fit in arched windows, as well as unique window shapes and sliding glass doors, common in the city of Dallas and neighboring municipalities.

O’Hair Wooden Shutters
About Our Wooden Plantation Shutters

At Blinds Brothers, we only offer the highest quality, American-made plantation shutters to customers in Dallas and the surrounding areas. The wood used in our shutters is responsibly harvested from privately owned forests, located right here in America. We can make our shutters in just about any wood species you can imagine, from Knotty Alder to Cypress and beyond. For the best plantation shutters in Dallas, TX, look no further than The Blinds Brothers.

Engineered with Precision

There are four critical joinery details that are important to the design of a high-quality shutter panel. With shutter panels from the Blinds Brothers, we match time-honored methods of construction, paired with computer-controlled precision to create shutter panels that will last a lifetime.

Custom-Made and Color-Matched

We offer custom-made plantation shutters that can be made to perfectly fit the architectural layout of the windows and doors of your home. Additionally, we’ll color match the plantation shutters so they fit perfectly with the rest of your decor.

Integrated For The Perfect Fit

At The Blinds Brothers, all of our shutters are made to perfectly accommodate the windows and doors of your home. Our Dallas plantation shutters come in a wide variety of installation options and are always built with architectural integration resulting in a masterful design.

Advanced Design Specs

Naturally Strong and Beautiful Plantation Shutters in Dallas, TX

Comprehensive Wood Seasoning

Creating high-quality wood shutters begins with the extensive drying of green lumber. Our plantation shutters are air and low-temperature-kiln-dried. It takes two to three months to ensure our shutters are stable and stress-free.

Edge-grained and Glued

The lumber of our shutters is enhanced by an exclusive edge-graining and edge-gluing process. As boards are ripped into strips, they are then rotated and glued with unmatched strength and stability in a similar way to how laminated beams are formed. This is what makes the shutters we provide so durable and long-lasting.

Masterful Joinery

The join design of the shutters we provide allows for maximum surface area for glue. Wet-to-wet glue application, plus draw-tight assembly screws result in close contact and powerful joint strength.

Monolithic Louver Tenons

The louvers of our shutters are formed within the louver profile itself. This results in a monolithic grain structure of each individual tenon, creating an ultra-strong pivot design.

Adjustable Louver

Within the middle of each of the tilt rods of the louver are brass bushings put in place to create preset tension. Additionally, screws will be applied to retain the stiles and allow for full adjustment of tilting action. Louvers within our shutters are sure to hold any desired tilt position for any amount of time.

Tilt Rod Linkage

Continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued to the back of the tilt rods of our shutters provides unmatched strength and durability. Our connecting louver staples are deep-set, resulting in decades of trouble-free service.

We Strive to Provide You With 5-Star Service

Quality Guarantee

High-Quality Plantation Shutters in Dallas, TX Made To Last

Plantation shutters from The Blinds Brothers are versatile, environmentally friendly, and entirely customizable. We’ll invigorate your home with a new look that will remain timeless year after year. For custom plantation shutters in Dallas, TX, trust the Blinds Brothers. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a sure-fire way to enhance the appearance of your home, while also providing additional privacy and light control. At Blinds Brothers, our Dallas plantation shutters are fully customizable, durable, made in the USA, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Where can I purchase wooden plantation shutters?

Blinds Brothers is the number one choice for plantation shutters in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Contact us online to request a free estimate or call us today for plantation shutters in Dallas, TX.

How much do plantation shutters cost on average?

The price of plantation shutter installation in Dallas is determined by the size of your home as well as the number of windows. When you choose the blinds brothers, we’ll take precise measurements of your windows and provide you with an entirely free estimate.

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