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Outdoor Shades & Solar Screens in Dallas, TX

Our outdoor shades perfectly combine energy efficiency, privacy, and convenience.

It’s no secret that the sun in Dallas can get brutal, especially in the warmer summer months. Outdoor shades, also known as solar screens or exterior screens, are designed to shield the interior and exterior spaces of your home, protecting them from the heat of the sun, and providing quick and absolute privacy. With our integrated control smartphone app, you can open and close your screens with the push of a button. Control your outdoor shades even when you aren’t at home with Blinds Brothers.

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  • Save on Energy Bills 💰
  • Keep Your Home Cool ❄️
  • Protect Your Home From Insects 🦟
  • Reduce Glare in Bright Rooms ☀️

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Solution Screens | Zipper Track | Up to 18 Feet

Solution Screens

Solution screens provide maximum sun protection for exterior doors, windows, and patios. These exterior retractable screens cool your home by stopping the sun’s heat before it reaches the glass of windows and doors. Our solution screens also provide shade to patios and decks. These high-performance fabric screen systems can stop up to 95% of the radiant heat before it gets into the interior of the home. Exterior shading systems are twice as effective when compared to interior heat insulation products.

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O’Hair Wooden Shutters
Solution Xtreme | Zipper Track | 18-32 Feet

Solution Xtreme

These outdoor shades are a much larger version of our standard solution screens. Modern home and building design is gravitating more towards large windows and openings. Our Solution Xtreme Screens are specifically designed to cover larger windows, doors, and patios

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O’Hair Wooden Shutters
Solar Screens | Cable Guided

Solar Screens

With our solar screens in Dallas, TX, no rails are required. Our solar screens allow for ultimate control over how much light and heat makes its way into your home. They can reduce home cooling costs by up to 60%, without sacrificing your view as they can be seen through from the interior. Reduce glare and cool the area by rolling them down part way. Fully deploy our solar screens to keep out pests and insects.

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Advanced Design Specs

Exterior Screen Features

Glare & Heat Protection

Eliminate 95% of UV rays, protecting your eyes as well as the interior of your home.

Lowered Energy Bills

Better regulated home temperature means less money on energy bills.

Protection and Privacy

Control the visibility of the interior of your home with a push of a button.

Outward Visibility

Our solar screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool and protected from the sun.

Custom Fittings

When it comes to solar screens, one size does not fit all. We fit your solar screens to your home’s unique dimensions.

Motorized Control

There’s no need to struggle opening or closing your screens thanks to the wall switches, remotes, and home automation offered by Blinds Brothers.

Remote & Smartphone Operated

Open, close, or adjust your solar screens from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, or at home with the included remote.

Zip-Tension Design

Constant tension eliminates gaps and ensures the shades stay secure.

Custom Powder Coating

Custom powder coating provides your screens with an additional layer of durability and longevity.

Remote Control Outdoor Shades & Solar Screens in Dallas, TX

Traditionally, one downside of exterior screens is manually opening and closing them. This can get tiring and tedious day in and day out. With our remote control exterior screen system, manually controlling exterior screens is a thing of the past.

We motorize our outdoor shades and connect them to your wi-fi network, allowing you to control your shades from your smartphone as well. Choose when to open and close your solar screens all from the convenience of your phone. Our remote control exterior screens are convenient and help improve your home security. Open and close your screens when you aren’t home to give the impression someone is home. Or, close them as the sunsets and shade the interior of your home, without ever having to leave the couch.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Blinds Brothers are proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Across three generations, we’ve been providing outdoor shades and solar screens in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. Customer service is a strong part of our business, and we can guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with your experience with Blinds Brothers and your purchase. Give us a call today for a free estimate and to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outdoor shades?

Outdoor shades can keep your home cool by blocking out heat; reduce glare by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters; and protect your home from insects. As an added bonus, you can even save money on energy bills with exterior screens that protect your home from heat.

Which exterior screens are best for my home?

Blinds Brothers is proud to offer Tucson Rolling Shutters' exterior screens, such as Solution Screens, Solution Xtreme, and Cable-Guided Solar Screens. During our initial consultation, we'll take precise measurements of your windows, door, and patios to recommend the exterior screen that may be best for your home.

Can outdoor shades be motorized?

Yes, our outdoor shades can be motorized, remote-controlled, and even connected to your smartphone so you can open and close your screens even when you're away from home.

How much do outdoor shades cost?

The cost of your outdoor shades will depend on the size and number of windows you're aiming to cover. For a free estimate, contact Blinds Brothers.

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At Blinds Brothers, our sunshades and solar screens in Dallas can be used in several different applications for both residential and commercial applications. Protect things like windows, doors, sliding doors, patios, storefronts, and more with our sunshades and solar screens. Contact us today over the phone or online to schedule your free estimate. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to make your Dallas solar screen and sunshade dreams a reality!

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